Apple September Event 2015 Summary

Each year, Apple’s September event is a major point of conversation among the tech community. This is because Apple is the most popular phone manufacturer in the world and the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. It is because of the event’s hype as well as its timing that I chose to base my first ever blog post around it. Welcome and thanks for reading!

Tech fans from all over the world saw a wealth of new products unveiled earlier this week from Apple in California. Arguably the most notable of all being the new size option for Apple’s tablet, the iPad. The new “iPad Pro” (A.K.A. iPad on steroids) measures in at a whopping 12.9 inches. Apple is not the only manufacturer who has created a tablet of this size, however the market is much smaller for tablets of this size. Most current popular tablets range in size from 7-10 inches but Samsung has the Note Pro which measures at 12.2 inches and Microsoft has the Surface Pro which is 12 inches, to name a few larger tablets. As for the insides, the iPad Pro contains Apple’s new A9X chip which is slightly less than twice as fast as its predecessor according to Apple. The tablet also boasts better battery, a thinner composition and some pricey add-ons ($99 ‘Apple Pencil’ stylus, $169 smart keyboard). The tablet itself will be available in November starting at $799 for the Wi-Fi 32GB model, $949 for Wi-Fi 128GB and $1,079 for Wi-Fi/Cellular 128GB.


For those that can’t see themselves holding a near 13 inch tablet, Apple also updated their iPad Mini with the fourth iteration which measures in at a comfortable 7.9 inches. There aren’t any drastic changes between the Mini 4 and its predecessor. The new device is thinner and lighter, has a new processor and a better rear camera (for those people). Like its predecessor, the new Mini will start at $399.

Although I am slightly less experienced with devices such as the Apple TV, I will still mention the new generation and do my best to provide accurate and relevant information. The most talked about new features of the smart TV are Siri voice control and a new touch-capable remote that is also a gaming controller. There is also a new operating system for the smart TV which will widen the amount of apps available to fit the big screen. The new Apple TV will be available in October in over 180 countries by the end of the year. Pricing starts at $149 for 32GB and $199 for 64GB.

Now for the big boys: the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus. We can start of with some cosmetics: like the new ‘rose gold’ color option. It looks nice but to my eyes it appears to be more pink than gold. I personally prefer the regular gold option from Apple which I have always been a fan of, even though I am not an iPhone user. Beyond cosmetics, the new iPhones are packing the new 3D touch technology. This enables new abilities such as pushing the screen harder in order to preview links and other items. It will definitely be interesting to see if and how various app developers will take advantage of this new technology for usability features. The new phone come with Apple’s new A9 chip which is supposedly 70% faster for CPU tasks and 90% faster for gaming when compared to the previous chip. The new camera has a 12MP shooter with 50% more pixels, faster focusing and 4K recording capability. The sizing of the two phones has stayed the same with the 6S measuring 4.7 inches and the 6S Plus measuring 5.5 inches. Pricing for the new iPhones will be no surprise to iPhone users with the base (16GB) model of the 6S priced $199 and the base 6S Plus priced $299.

If you are curious about my thoughts on all these new revelations, worry not! This was just the summary, stay tuned for my personal thoughts, opinions and rants: the fun parts!

That was it: my first post here at MorningCoffeeTech! Thank you guys so much for reading. Please feel free to like and comment if you enjoyed, and if you didn’t feel free to let me know any way I can improve. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the next one!


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